Portfolio – Phantasy Birds

Birds are funny creatures. They can be big, small, ugly, beautiful, scared and scary. They are great to create and tell stories with. During the years I have created a few stories around our dog Duvel and his three imaginary bird friends, the 3irds. More about the making of the birds on stories. Below an impression of some of my birdy brainchilds.

A naughty terrier outfit for Duvel

by Duvel | April 2012

“He birds, I need your help! They invited me to the annual meeting of the naughty terrier club. Quite an honor, I must say. Of course, I would like to attend, but they have asked me to bring an outfit. Now what is that supposed to mean? I am a terrier, not a doll?!” “No problem Duvel, we will just make you look naughty! We will just be our naughty selves, do some things we are not supposed to do, like throw around all the stuff the boss has used for one of her school-projects. Whoa! There it goes! A little confetti here, some feathers there, something for your nose. There you go Duvel, you just look like a naughty clown,…, sorry terrier…”

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